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Pioneers & Settlers Family Lineage

To recognize the early settlers of Miami County we also have the Pioneers and Settlers Lineage Society. The requirements for this society are that the applicant must be a member of MCHGS and prove direct descent from an ancestor who lived in Miami County after December 31, 1830 and before December 31, 1850.

Lineage Society awards are made each November at the Annual Meeting. Please fill out a Lineage Application. The deadline for submissions is September 1. Only one lineage society pin will be issued to each approved member for any given MCHGS lineage society. An applicant may request to have all qualifying ancestors’ names (newly approved and previously approved) included on his/her new certificate for a given lineage society, assuming that there is room on the form for them all. Otherwise, only the name(s) of the newly approved ancestors will be included. Replacement certificates or pins may be purchased for a $4.00 fee each, plus postage. Please select Application Guidelines & Rules to view the necessary protocols and instructions.

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