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Who is MCHGC?

The Miami County Historical & Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote genealogical research and to foster a public awareness of the development and heritage of this area. There are society members around the country, with about 60 in Miami County and the surrounding area. we are one of nine historical and genealogical societies in Miami County, each of which has a different primary sphere of interest.

MISSION STATEMENT: Promote genealogical research; Foster a public awareness of the development and heritage of this area, Miami County in particular; Preserve Miami County history through the collecting, indexing and publishing of relevant books and material.

Organized in 1950

The Miami County Historical and Genealogical Society was organized in 1950 by a group of some 40 mostly Miami County residents as the Miami County Historical Society, with Leonard Hill as president. It was created to help celebrate the Ohio sesquicentennial coming up in 1953.

One of the ways the group decided to contribute was to develop and publish historical documents about the county. In 1952 they published their first book, Miami County History 1807 - 1953; a new version was begun in 1978, was in its second printing in 1982, and is still available as Miami County History 1981. Information on numerous other publications which were developed along the way are listed on the Publications for Sale Web page.

The Society has changed organizational structure and focus over its lifetime, adding genealogy to its sphere of interest, changing its name to The Miami County Historical and Genealogical Society in 1987, and shortly afterwards becoming a chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society. In 1990 the Society incorporated as a non-profit organization to fit better with its sponsorship of educational activities in the genealogical sphere.

The Society is a chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society and conducts a Family Lineage Award program in which individuals can receive certificates for having relatives who were among Miami County's first families (prior to 1830), were pioneers and settlers (1830-1850), arrived in the Victorian era (1851-1880), were in the Civil War, or were descendants of the slaves freed by John Randolph of Virginia in 1846.

Documentation proving the appropriate relationships is submitted to a Society committee for evaluation, and certificates are awarded to those meeting the criteria. We conduct a genealogical workshop annually and present bi-monthly programs for the public on items of historical and genealogical interest related to the whole county.

A Heritage Award is presented to a county resident who in the opinion of the MCHGS Board of Directors has made outstanding contributions to the authorship, discovery, preservation or restoration of historical or genealogical matters or has contributed outstanding service to the Society.

Membership Meetings

There are general membership meetings every other month, February through October, with a speaker addressing a history-related topic from the local area. The Board of Directors, elected yearly, meets each month to conduct the business of the Society and plan meetings and special events.


In November, we hold an Annual Membership Meeting which includes; dinner, officer elections, Family certificates, Heritage awards and speakers. 


The Society maintains contact with its members via The Miami Meanderings, a quarterly newsletter containing articles of historical interest, Society activities, coming events, genealogical queries, and information submitted by readers such as results of research performed by Society members and abstracts of public records. It is distributed to all members, as well as local libraries and other societies.

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